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There are a number of mailing lists that have been established for the use and development of AppFuse. Even if you don't use AppFuse, we're confident you'll enjoy joining our community. We use some of the hottest technologies in Java today. If you use Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Maven 2 or Ajax, we'd love to hear your insights. Not only do we think that there's no such thing as a dumb question, we also believe there's no such thing as a dumb answer. (wink)

User List

This list is the heart of the AppFuse community. All support questions, design pondering and shared successes are conducted here.

To ask a single question and subscribe to its answers, please use our forums, graciously hosted by Nabble.

Developer Lists

These lists are used by the AppFuse development team to discuss the direction of the project as well as keep track of issues and changes.

Feel free to join any of these you are interested in, but please be sure to post any support questions to the User list. All of the AppFuse developers actively read and respond to the User list, but many experienced AppFuse users who may have encountered similar problems do not read the development list.




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